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How to hit high notes…

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Music that don’t match

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Nobody wants to be left alone in the rain

shivering, cold and with no where to go.

Nobody wants to feel that pain,

that feeling, “how’d I get so low?”

I once had a father - technically two -

but this one mattered the most.

He never left me feeling blue,

showed me the world, coast to coast.

But he had to go rest,

in a better place.

Surrounded by ones that needed him

more than I did.

While I have others,

none cared for me like he did.

None will ever love me like he had,

I am alone in this battlefield.



What have you done?

A conceptual class project to create a poster series campaign for marriage equality, presented through an international lens by Justine Rudnicki Bachelor of Design Program at York University and Sheridan College.We often feature young talents., Justine is one of them, because her work is very touching and emotional. It goes deep in society critics and tells a story about the fight for homosexual acceptance and human rights. Great work!


Ay Bae Bae

I fell for you, unknowingly
Little did I know what it’ll mean to me
My heart became yours slowly….
It sort of set me free

I was so blind in the beginning,
forgive me. You were just a friend,
I didn’t know what I was missing.
I was scared our friendship would end.

Yet what we have now seems to be ending.
I’ve been lost in life lately.
Not knowing what to do, with us especially.
What can be done to keep this going?

I’ve never cared for someone like you,
Didn’t think I’d ever be so caught up.
But I won’t force something that’s not true.
Do me a favor and tell me if you’ve given up.

I can only try for so long,
there are other offers being made.
My promise to you stands strong,
even if I feel like we’re starting to fade.

Just tell me if we’re done, please?
Only if you feel there’s no love or hope.
I just want us to be at peace.
But if you don’t want to let me go,
Then prove your love to her…
It can’t be that hard to show.

Life has been hard lately,
I know what you’re going through.
I’m here for you baby,
I will always love you.

Dreams…my love.

While plans might change
Dreams will remain the same.
Possibilities are endless
Thus focus must remain relentless.

To dream a dream is easy,
To plan a path is imaginative,
Yet the final step of doing is where most get lazy.

One must learn to live in the every day
While still keeping an eye ahead
And thoughts of the past at bay.

Success changes for each
But if it is your dreams that you hope to reach
Who or what could truly stop you?
Than the fear that resides within you.

Brush it off, become confident
and believe that you were meant to achieve it all.
Claim yourself to be dominant.
Do not let yourself fall.

There is nothing more dangerous
Than the fear of yourself,
Knowing that you can achieve greatness.

Lovingly confused

Born to one and raised by another
Cousins by marriage and sisters by choice
One was an aunt and the other mother
Either way, I had no choice

How is the love to be divided?
When both love you unconditionally.
And while I never felt unguided,
This changed me mentally.

She felt I left her un-lovingly
But what did I know? I was only two,
And raised in a life that was simply heavenly.
I was on cloud nine until I finally fell through.

Questions lead to lies,
Trying hard to keep the truth behind.
Yet their deceit didn’t dampen my tries.
Something was hidden, can’t be all in my mind.

I was inquisitive, I had to know.
There were so many signs and similarities.
Did they really think of me so low
That I wouldn’t catch on to their irregularities?

Finally at the age of twenty one
My mother told me how it was done.
I didn’t know what to feel,
It wasn’t like I doubted it being real.

I still don’t know how to deal
Knowing one more than the other,
It all seemed surreal.
Did I mention I had a brother?

Three in fact, and we’re all alike.
I no longer felt alone.
Finally finding on my own
That I had rights to the throne.